2015 BMW X6 – Should you wait?

Thinking of buying a BMW? Weather you get a brand new BMW or a second hand one – it really doesn’t matter, you are still getting a BMW!

A BMW are long time favorites of automobile enthusiast would love to get his hand on one might that be new or old and for good reason. BMW’s are made for kings. BMW’s are made for champions.

Of course, there is a question on what BMW will fit you best. The BMW you should get should depend of the kind of driving you plan on doing as a majority. The other best thing about BMW’s are they are made to outlast any kind of driving that you can do in a life time.

Here are the best tips when buying a brand new or pre-loved BMW straight from BMW himself.

10 Best BMW Buying Tips: 5 New and 5 Pre-Owned

We all know and love BMW’s. Some of us can afford brand new, some of us can’t. Some have the money but they would rather spend it on an older BMW. This is all fine and well. No matter what BMW you get, you just bought a BMW. And if you are an enthusiast then hell yes! The more the merrier.

I have been looking at purchasing another BMW for myself. I know what I want, but I want too many cars. So I was trying to take my own advice and figure out what I want, and in the process I came up with the five best buying tips for buying new and the five best buying tips for purchasing pre-owned.

If you are convinced the BMW is the right car for you and have saved enough to get a brand new car, you might want to wait till 2015.

BMW just recently released new photos of 2015 BMW X6 with a starting price of $60,550. For a supercar from a super brand? That is a very good price. Read more about the 2015 BMW X6 and see pictures of what might become your new car.

2015 BMW X6 Priced From $60,550

The BMW X6 has been completely redesigned for the 2015 model year, although it’s hard to spot the differences unless you’re a true fan if the coupe-like crossover. There’s fresh styling, inside and out, but the powertrains carry over, although at this point the redesigned version of the X6 M is yet to join the fold.

The 2015 BMW X6 is priced from $60,550, including a $950 destination charge. This gets you the base X6 sDrive35i model, which is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter in-line six and comes with rear-wheel drive only. Opting for the all-wheel-drive X6 xDrive35i model will cost you an additional $2,300. Both versions are rated at 300 horsepower.

2 more years to go and BMW will be a century old. No company or business becomes a century old if they are no good. BMW’s 100th year is a testament to the quality of its automobiles.

If you need more convincing if the BMW X6 is worth waiting for then maybe this full review might help you decide.

If you have never driven a BMW in the past, you might want to rent a BMW just to see if it feels right. Being behind the wheel of BMW supercar might just be the right nudge that you need to finally reach a decision – BMW or another brand? BMW X6 or another model?