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RYA may give a good report on courses off along with sea which are important to greater seamanship and sailing skills. There are courses which cover the fundamentals nevertheless there is also a curriculum for enrolees and individuals that already possess some skill and experience like Day Skipper (both Practical and Day Skipper Theory) classes, Coastal Skipper classes (also both Practical and Theory) Offshore and Ocean Yachtmaster certification programs and etc.

Believe it or not Indian Hill Middle School sixth-grader Sara Schumann once hated sailing. She is now a qualifier in several recent national sailing competitions.

This summer Schumann, who is a resident of Indian Hill, qualified for the US Optimist Team Trials at the New England Championship in Rhode Island. She finished in the top 100 and was ranked 13th highest female skipper overall among 400 participants.

She will compete in Team Trials in Key Biscayne, Florida, in April, where she could be selected for Team USA and compete internationally.

“I just thought I had to know how to sail and not be scared,” Schumann said about overcoming her initial adversity to sailing.

She said it was just a matter of simply learning how the boat works. Over a period of time, she developed a love of sailing. Read more

The British Government’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), that is an agency inside the Department of Transport, has authorized RYA to issue certificates of competence to personnel who may have successfully completed RYA courses. Certificates issued by RYA are recognized throughout the world as is also evident by the fact that 13,000 professionals having RYA certificates are used on commercial vessels. Currently you’ll find over 100 different RYA courses offered to people. These sailing courses may be categorized into Sail Cruising, Motor Cruising, Navigation and Seamanship Theory, Specialist Short Courses, Powerboating, Small Boat Sailing, Windsurfing, Inland Waterways and Personal Watercraft, as well a Chartering a Yacht to sail the Cyclades Islands, in Greece.

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While snorkeling through the ruins, you’d find green turtles and hawksbill turtles. Latter have beak seems just like a bill of your hawk that’s why they are called hawksbill turtles. They can be present in clear shallow waters plus the coral reefs its keep is abundance of sponges and corals. Hawksbill weighs around 200 pounds and has red, brown, black and/or yellow streaks on its shell. Because of excess of hunting, these turtles have been included with their email list of endangered species.

Operating from ocean-going yachts, Ben Ditto, Nico and Olivier Favresse, and Sean Villenueva on the west coast, and Harald Fichtinder and Ralph Villiger on the east, have climbed important new routes on Greenland’s inshore peaks and sea cliffs.

As a prelude to bigger stuff on the east coast of Baffin Island, Ditto, the Favresse brothers and Villanueva once again joined skipper Bob Shepton to climb more rock walls in the same region as their 2010 expedition.

Aboard Shepton’s 10m Dodo’s Delight, the “Wild Bunch”, as they have been dubbed by Shepton, first explored the area around Ummannaq.

After an unsuccessful reconnaissance of a fjord to the south, they moved southeast of Ummannaq to the iconic mountain that stands above Ikerasak village, where they climbed both the east and west arêtes.

It was in this area that Jacob Cook and Peter Hill from last year’s Oxford West Greenland expedition established the rather worrying Flake or Death (200m, XS 5b) on extremely loose rock.

The left ridge, Married Men’s Way by Ditto and Oliver Favresse, is a potential alpine classic, giving 400m of climbing at 5.10 (E3 5c)

Rather more exacting was Crocodiles have Teeth by Nico Favresse and Villaneuva, the righthand edge of the main face.

Stay in the ski resorts up in high altitude, or head for that city within their chocolate shops and nice restaurants and feel a real Christmas party with them. Holiday here in Norway, a truly unique experience. Norway combines fjords, snowy plains of the mountain, desert and sea, and presents you with all the best throughout the winter. For more information about this, visit our website: