Take Your Own Personal Luxury Cruise

Ahhhh… I can just imagine the feeling of the wind blowing on my face and the sun beams kissing my cheeks. Yes oh yes! I am in a time machine and I can’t wait to go back to the time when I was cruising the seven seas. Oh what I would give to be cruising again.

For the benefit of those who haven’t been in a cruise trip before, allow me to share a video (that’s not mine), but this is typically what a cruise trip would be like. This is a perfect example of living the Caribbean dream:

But if you think cruises like these are not worth your money, then read this article by The ABC News.

Luxury Cruises Carry Hefty Price Tag, But You Get Much More…

Like all lines, the luxury cruise lines are growing and they need new passengers to fill their suites. That’s what they’re called on a luxury ship by the way: Suites. Not cabins. So the luxury lines are trying their best to get you to make the jump to the world of small ships and big prices. But is it worth all that extra money?

Nice huh?

Well, cruises cost A LOT of money, but as they say, we gotta “Work hard, but party even HARDER!” So if you decide to reward yourself, better make it a big-time reward like a cruise or even better would be a personal cruise in your own personal yacht. Borrowed or owned, getting to sail the seas on your own is probably an item found in everybody’s bucket list.

Renting a SoBe VIP luxury yacht is one way to experience a perfect vacation and spend “me time”. It is just like taking a cruise, minus the noise and all.